Of course, everybody's got his or her qualities.
But we'd certainly be doomed bold liars, if we wouldn't admit
that everyone of us gets stuck from time to time. That's why we
believe in a collective spirit that gets everyone (and you) to go
above and beyond his or her individual expertise. 

Susanne Einzenberger
Founder & Photographer

Marko Mestrovic
Founder & Photographer

Max Manavi-Huber
Photographer & Art Director

Fanny Seiwald
Designer & Art Director

Sophie Kirchner

Evelyne Zemplenyi
Set Designer

Corinna Weigl
Graphic Designer

Christina Linher
Creative Strategist

Klaus Heller
Social Media Marketing

Zoe Opratko

Evelyn Pana
Set Designer

Cati Donner

Alex Gotter

If you want to say hi, start a project or collaborate,
write us an e-mail or stop by the studio.

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